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chocolatecrack [userpic]

Because I love this pairing so much, and I haven't been making icons for a long time already. :) :D

So, I saw this picture of Ayamasa in the Yamanade Photobook, and thought it totally fitted Kame's picture. But, my photo manip skills suck. :|:| So, I ended up with these icons instead. :D Hope you like them!

if only...Collapse )

KyoheiSunako is ♥ :')
1. gadegoi
2. jmagazinescans
3. Uh, to the one who scanned the Kame picture. Because, honestly, I just found it randomly saved in our computer. ^^; If you scanned it, please let me know so I can credit you properly! :D :)

Comments and credits are much appreciated. :D :)
If crediting, please credit: bubblywrap

chocolatecrack [userpic]

I LOVE NATE AND BLAIR! They just look too good together! XDD I love them! :D
Anyway, I just had to icons their pictures! They look too cute together! XDD And did some text-only icons too. :D But I think they can be used as textures? Oh well. :)) They're simple and plain though. :|:| Hope you like them! :)

always have, always willCollapse )

Yay for NateBlair! :D Don't they look good together? :D Hope the NB fans like them! :)



By the way, to NB fans, I know someone selling t-shirts like these and these. I'm pretty sure you would love them! :D

chocolatecrack [userpic]

Post transferred from frenchessence. :D

Made icons today since I've got nothing better to do. XDD Not that great, since I didn't put that much effort into it. Hope you like them though. ;D Comments are ♥. Credits are also much appreciated. :D

[1] Cheaper By The Dozen
[1] Yours, Mine and Ours
[2] Drake Bell
[2] Zanessa
[3] Life With Derek
[4] iCarly
[5] Peter Pan (Live Action Movie 2003)

[62] Hey! Say! JUMP

Hope you all like them! :D

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japanese fandomCollapse )

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chocolatecrack [userpic]

Post transferred from frenchessence. :D

Finally!!! XDDDD Here's Arashi's batch of text only icons. :D

you are my soul! soul~!Collapse )

Finally! I'm done! XDDD If you want others (like jr songs, kinki kids, v6, smap, etc.) just tell me. I'll TRY making them. XDDD
My Favorites: A.RA.SHI. and Rock You

chocolatecrack [userpic]

Post transferred from frenchessence. :D

So, as promised, here's Kanjani8's batch of text only icons. :D Hope you like them! XDDD

naniwa no iroha bushi~!Collapse )

Phew! XDDD Arashi is next!!! XDDD
My Favorites: Osaka Obachan Rock and 8 o'clock

chocolatecrack [userpic]

Post transferred from frenchessence. :D

Okay, I'm in the mood for making icons today. XDDD Here is NEWS' text only batch. :D

fly away~!Collapse )

Okay, enough. XDDD I'm gonna do Kanjani8 and Arashi tomorrow. :D By the way, I don't know what the hell I did with Devil or Angel. XDDD
My Favorites: Happy Birthday and Summer Time

chocolatecrack [userpic]

Post transferred from frenchessence. :D

I couldn't help it. It all started with Hey! Say! JUMP, and now, I've done KAT-TUN. XDDDD Well anyway, here's KAT-TUN's batch of text only icons. :D

giri giri de itsumo ikite itai kara, ah~!Collapse )

I just had to make them. XDDDD NEWS is next. :D
My Favorites: Come to me, yeah and Take it easy now. XDDD

chocolatecrack [userpic]

Post transferred from frenchessence. :D

Okay, I was kinda bored yesterday and decided to copy my sister's idea. ssshhh! XDDD She made icons that contained only text from lyrics so I made some myself. Hope you like them. They're not that good though. XDDD

jumping to my dream~!Collapse )

This is where my boredom gets me. XDDD
My Favorites: Cherry and Never Ending Story. XDDD

chocolatecrack [userpic]

Yes, believe it or not, these are 247 in total. XDDD It all started with Hey! Say! BEST, then Miura Haruma, then Mizushima Hiro then that's when it evolved into one big icon madness. XDDD I just couldn't stop myself from cropping and coloring and everything. XDDD By the way, I'm actually against paparazzi pics, but I just couldn't resist. But, I swear, after the Hey! Say! 7 batch of paparazzi pics, I'm gonna stop using them. XDD

[1-63] Hey! Say! BEST
[64-70] Pairs
[71-82] Horikita Maki
[83-97] Koike Teppei
[98-109] Kuroki Meisa
[110-121] Leah Dizon
[122-136] Miura Haruma
[137-151] Mizushima Hiro
[152-163] Nakashima Mika
[164-178] Oguri Shun
[179-193] Seto Kouji
[194-208] Shirota Yuu
[209-220] Toda Erika
[221-232] Ueto Aya
[233-247] Yamamoto Yusuke

247 in hereCollapse )

creditsCollapse )

As you can see, I'm pretty biased on Inoo since he is my favorite. XDDD
Hope you like them! :D
Comments are ♥.
Credits: much appreciated. :D
If crediting, please credit bubblywrap

*really sorry to those whose f-lists has been flooded by my x-posting.
**by the way, to those who have scans of Kanata Hongo's photobook and Hiroki Narimiya's 3 photobooks, I just wanted to ask if you wanted to share them. :D I was about to make icons of them too, but unfortunately I can't find their scans anywhere. D: :))

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